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Contribution to an entomological
inventory of Montmartre Cemetery (Paris)
Montmartre Cemetery
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Site Presentation
This site presents pictures of nature and animals and intends to communicate the sense of beauty every one feels in front of such life phenomena.
All pictures were taken with digital Canon cameras (D60, 300D, 20D, now 5D).
The pictures displayed on the site are reduced, to spare the bandwidth, but this should be enough to appreciate the photo.
The identification work was done with care, using the photos and the shooting conditions (habitus, season and environment), but without capture, thereby limiting the potential scientific accuracy.
Most of them were elaborated or confirmed on the great English-speaking forum or on the excellent French forum Monde des Insectes.
A strictly private use is authorized, even in personal college or university student works, provided that all reproductions bear an appropriate credit.
For all other uses, and for better resolutions, you should seek an agreement with the owner of the rights.
All rights reserved.
Author: Pierre Duhem
Last update: October 2022
Your questions or comments are welcome.